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Darling’s Donates a Vehicle to Maine Discovery Museum

We're happy to share this press release from Darling's!

Bangor, Maine ̶ January 29, 2024 ̶ Darling’s Auto Group is pleased to announce the donation of a vehicle to the Maine Discovery Museum, located in Bangor.

Darling’s Auto Group is donating a Ford Transit Connect to Maine Discovery Museum and is holding the presentation Tuesday, January 30th at 10:30am at Darling’s Ford in Bangor. The van will be used by the Museum in support of transporting their STEM outreach programming, which takes the MDM team all over the state.

Beginning with a community forum in 1997, the Maine Discovery Museum opened its doors in 2001, following several years of planning and fundraising. The museum boasts three floors of interactive exhibits and since 2012 has focused on incorporating science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) into its programs and exhibits.

Programs focused on STEM are important learning opportunities for future generations, helping students develop critical skills; including problem solving, and creativity. “We are proud to partner with the Maine Discovery Museum and provide a van for transportation to its STEM program. We enthusiastically support the amazing work being done every day at the museum, by their dedicated and talented staff,” said Darling’s President, Jay Darling.

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