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Every March in Bangor, Maine
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The Maine Science Festival is a program of the Maine Discovery Museum. Like an art festival or film festival, the MSF has 70+ events and activities over five days, all focused on science in Maine.

Senator Angus King describes the Maine Science Festival in the following way: 

A true celebration of the great talent and potential found across our state. From premier research institutions to top scientists and dedicated educators, Maine is fortunate to have the resources and expertise to explore, discover, and teach the next generation about the importance of STEM learning. Over... five days, you'll have a chance to participate in over 70 events and activities, each uniquely designed to expand your knowledge of the universe and learn more about its quirks. Whether your passion is robotics, marine life, or faraway galaxies, there is always more to discover. You will also have the opportunity to experience first-hand the innovative, exciting developments happening in our state each and every day.

We are living in exciting times where the harnessing of data and intelligence is propelling us to new heights. The Maine Science Festival provides an excellent opportunity to share these remarkable achievements with others in the Bangor community and throughout the state. I hope that the festival provides you ample opportunity to continue your lifetime of learning - and celebrate all that Maine has to offer.


Join us at the Maine Science Festival and you'll see that science is everywhere.

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