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our mission

The Maine Discovery Museum helps people of all ages to discover the world around them through creative exploration and science.

our team

Kate Dickerson                                      

Executive Director



Trudi Plummer 

Director of Education


Kim Stewart 

Director of Community Engagement

Anna Martin

Assistant Director Community Engagement

Angela Smith

Maine Science Festival Director


Autumn Allen

Director of Operations

Mason Pellerin        

Social Media & Animal Care Manager

Naomi Moynihan

Visitor Experience Assistant


Meaghan Clapp 

Exhibits & Cleaning Coordinator



Tina DeMerchant

Finance Manager

board of directors

Anne-Marie Storey, Board President

Matt Cyr

Andrea Dickinson

Ethan Evans

Emil Genest

Tammy Higgins

Shane Malory

Jared O'Roak

Donna Oxley

Kelly Pearson

Jaclyn Silk

Malorie Sprague

Nichole Trainor

meet our mascots

The Maine Discovery Museum team has identified seven animals that are as important to MDM and Maine. You can learn more about them on our Mascots page!

our impact

The Maine Discovery Museum is a critical player in helping Mainers learn, especially in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). We have three floors of interactive exhibits and robust science programming within and outside the museum, and both paths introduce Mainers to the value and importance of discovery and exploration. You can read more about our work and impact in our Impact Report.

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