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Spending time with family and creating opportunities for children to discover has never been more important! 



During the pandemic, MDM has been careful to follow the science and the recommendations of Maine’s CDC. We have been planning our reopening around the eligibility for most of our members to be vaccinated. With the recent announcement of vaccines for ages 5-11 has indicated, we are now able to envision a healthy environment where most of our visitors will be vaccinated.

The museum will be open to members only starting on January 6th! In addition, vacation camps and special holiday events in December will be announced soon.

To ensure the safety of our youngest visitors – those under five – who are not able to get vaccinated and as we continue to follow the science and recommendations from the Maine CDC, Maine Discovery Museum is requiring:

  • A limit on the number of visitors at one time with an online reservation system in place.
  • Masks for all general admission museum visitors over two years of age.
  • To attend special programs, events, and camps at MDM we will require proof of vaccinations for those eligible and require masks for all.

These guidelines are subject to change.

Please note, families who had valid memberships in place in March 2020 will have their memberships extended at no additional cost. We will contact you in December with your updated membership information. Learn aboutmembership options here (link).

In the meantime, you can still bring a bit of Maine Discovery Museum programming to you with S.T.E.A.M.-based Discovery Kits and Birthday Discovery Kits. Available for purchase at www.discoverykits.org.

On sale now!

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Located in the heart of Downtown Bangor, Maine Discovery Museum provides unique educational opportunities for children and families in Maine. Check out our hands-on, interactive exhibits, and spend the day learning through play with your family! What will you discover at the Maine Discovery Museum?

  • Sciences That Tie Into The Maine Region

  • Programs Designed to inspire Curiosity

  • Three Floors of Interactive Exhibits – museum map

Interactive Exhibits

Maine Discovery Museum is the largest children’s museum north of Boston and a premier center for children’s learning and discovery. Our interactive exhibits invite you to explore the worlds of science, nature, geography, children’s literature, music, art, and anatomy. What will you discover?

  • Amazing Animals

    Amazing Animals

    We have some amazing friends at MDM and we can’t wait for you to meet them!

  • Artscape


    Design, create, build, and more with exhibits that will bring out the architect in us all.

  • Body Journey

    Body Journey

    Go inside your amazing body and discover how great your insides are!

  • Booktown


    Explore scenes from your favorite Maine children’s stories, like Goodnight Moon and Charlotte’s Web!

  • Dino Dig

    Dino Dig

    Dig up and identify fossils, and read about dinosaurs.

  • Nano


    An interactive exhibition that engages family audiences in nanoscale science.

  • Nature Trails

    Nature Trails

    Learn about Maine’s ecosystems and wildlife with our nature trail exhibits.

  • Sounds Abound

    Sounds Abound

    Explore the sounds around you through our Karaoke Studio or make up your own tune.

  • Tradewinds


    Make connections from Maine all across the globe.


    Blast off! In this hands-on exhibition, you’ll learn about how scientists study the Earth, Sun, solar system, and the universe.


Maine Science Festival

The Maine Science Festival (MSF), launched in 2015, is a celebration of science held annually with more than 70 events and activities for all ages. Held in mid-March, the MSF offers FIVE days of events, including forums, workshops, hands-on activities, films, talks, and exhibits. At the MSF, we dissect, explore, and celebrate remarkable science, engineering, mathematics, and technology happening in Maine every day.

As the first and only science festival in Maine, the Maine Science Festival is a celebration of the national and world-leading science by the Mainers who do it. With our Sponsors and Partners, the MSF encourages attendees to question the world around them, and seeks to inspire not only the next generation of scientists and engineers but also facilitate grassroots scientific thinking at the citizen level right now, for all ages.
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Maine Discovery Museum

Members, donors, and volunteers are the very foundation of our successful organization – and they love being part of the MDM family! Your help ensures that MDM can continue to fulfill its mission, add new exhibits, and plan exciting programming that provides a greater understanding of the world in which we live. Donate, become a member, or volunteer. We’re grateful for your help!


As a member, you’ll receive some amazing benefits! Visit MDM FREE, receive discounts on birthday parties, camps, and facility rentals, and know you are part of an amazing museum.

More About Memberships

Business Sponsorships

As a business sponsor, you’ll join a family of community businesses devoted to the education and joy of our young people.

More About Sponsorships


Donations are greatly appreciated at MDM and there are many ways to give and we’re grateful for your help!

More About Donations


Join our volunteer community today and make a difference in the lives of children at MDM!

More About Volunteers


  • Birthday Parties

    Birthday Parties

    Celebrate your kid’s birthday at the Maine Discovery Museum!


  • Overnights


    Spend the night here at MDM and create a one-of-a-kind experience for your group with a variety of science and art activities.


  • Facility Rentals

    Facility Rentals

    Are you looking for a special place to hold a meeting, a family reunion, or a company party?  MDM will gladly host your next gathering!




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Laurie Dunton

I'm giving the museum an excellent rating because it exists and the grandkids love it!

Lisa Lee

My nephew had a party here. they live in Maine. this place is wonderful. There are plenty of activities for the kids to do. A child will not be bored here. kids love this place.

Ashley Baker

There are so many exhibits and we especially love that there are so many areas even the little ones can enjoy!

Bruce Lovett

The price is more than reasonable for the market, the staff is super friendly and helpful. The biggest seller for me, my daughter had a blast and wants to go back! So kudos to the staff, keep up the good work!

Jennifer McBee

What a fun place to spend a winter afternoon! Great fun for all ages! I'm not sure but I think we had more fun than the 18 month old we took there!

Danny Baker

What a great place to bring the kids or grandkids.

Ken Van Ginkel

From Iowa and my grandson and I found it very educational and interesting. Worth the stop.

Norma Beatriz

A true gem in downtown Bangor! A must if you have young children

Trish Radloff

Great fun with with family. Adults had just as much fun as the Grandchildren.

Karen Campbell

Too much fun! Great area for grandson. He loved the shipping boxes and conveyor.

Cody Gilks

Great facility for children and families

Jesse Rishani

Something for everyone! Great place!

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