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Pre-K Enrichment is more than science...
Did You Know…?  Pre-K Enrichment means art, music and play, too!

Our Pre-K before and after school enrichment program goes beyond just math and science.  The program is heavily focused on STEM education, but we believe in a whole child approach to learning.

Our curriculum includes a music blocks where students will make their own instruments and learn about the science of sound.  We also have a “Kids in Motion” block every week which is a kinesthetic play time to practice gross motor coordination and learn about exercising and staying active.  Art activities are part of the daily fun, too!

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Pre-K Enrichment is Uniquely Fun!

Did You Know…?  Our Pre-Kindergarten Enrichment is one-of-a-kind!

With our collection of natural science resources, students in MDM's Pre-K Enrichment will have the opportunity to:
* Feed a bearded dragon
* Touch a real elephant ear and foot
* Learn about paleontology by excavating in our Dig Pit
* Release salmon into the stream and learn about Bangor ecosystems
* Explore what baleen feels like
* Experiment with plants by creating an indoor greenhouse
Find our more about Pre-K Enrichment online.

Maine Discovery Museum in the heart of downtown Bangor, Maine is loaded with hands-on, creative kids' activities! Looking for things to do with children? Maine Discovery Museum is a great place to find things to do with kids of all ages!