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Ages & Fees

Prices per week

Level I - Ages 5 - 7

• Full Day: 8 AM - 4 PM Monday - Friday

$297.50 for Members, $350 Non-members


Level 2 - Ages 8 - 12

• Full Day: 8 AM - 4 PM Monday - Friday

$297.50 for Members, $350 Non-members


Drop-off & Pick-up

• Drop off is between 8 AM - 9 AM

• Pick-up is between 3:30 PM - 4 PM

Canoeing at Hirundo Wildlife Preserve

Summer Camp 2021


Science Dogs of New England visit

Summer Camp 2022

Week 1 July 10-14

Level 1: Good to Grow!

What do kids, larvae, eggs, germs and crystals have in common? They grow! Do all plants grow in dirt? What food do bones need to grow stronger? Are bugs good parents? We’ll set up hydro gardens, germ nurseries and a crystal garden and explore the many ways life grows up and all around us! 

Level 2: Oh, Grow Up!

Bigger, stronger, taller: everything grows: from kids to larvae, eggs to germs, and seeds to crystals. We'll explore life’s race to the finish line: Do all plants need soil to grow? But do only living things grow? How can we grow the food of the future? We’ll set up an insect hatchery, hydro gardens, germ nurseries and meet with scientists to explore the many ways life grows up and all around us! 

Week 2 July 17-21

Level 1: Hungry, Hungry Scientists

Get your mixing bowls and measuring cups ready for STEAM-y creations! Candy and gemology come together in crunchy sugar crystals. What science secret makes colorful “unicorn noodles”? How do tiny corn kernels turn into fluffy popcorn? We’ll concoct wobbly desserts, bake a sweet treat with solar power and turn milk good… or bad with chemistry! Make your taste buds tingle and feed your brain in this fun camp!

Level 2: Science Stew 

STEAM up a pot full of summer camp fun! Candy and chemistry come together to make treats like unicorn “noodles” and chocolate play dough. Make art with cabbage chemistry and plant a futuristic  garden. Watch physics turn corn into snacks, make everyone’s favorite wobbly desert and use a chemical reaction to turn milk into cheese. Join us for a camp chock-full of delicious and amazing science…Yum!

Week 3 July 24-28

Level 1: Messy Art and Science

Discover easy, fun, messy, amazing, and very colorful, art from science: Put on your safety goggles and painting smocks and get ready for slimy explosions, spinning colors, blooming liquids and colorful crystals. Explore why matter matters when you create and how gravity works when you sculpt, how motion is a must and where chemistry and creativity come together through easy, imaginative art activities.


Level 2: Crazy for Cardboard! 

Think outside the box! Bend, cut, tape and shape and make your imagination and inventions come to life. Explore the science and history of this amazing material as you examine paper wasp nests and make your own plant fiber papers. Find out how your community recycles and reuses and what you can do to help. A kid size space shuttle, room sized marble run, whole suit of armor, or even a whole box city: what crazy cardboard creation will you invent?

Week 4 July 30-August 4


Level 1: Shark Pups Week

From megalodons to pygmy sharks, go above and below the waves with sharks mighty and tiny! Learn where they live, what they eat, and how they breathe under water. Be like a shark yourself and swim through shipwrecks, reefs, and the deepest parts of the ocean. Experience your fishy senses and underwater neighbors through hands-on experiments, labs, and jaw-some arts and crafts. Don’t miss out on this shark-tastic week!

Week 4 July 30-August 4


Level 2: Shark Week 

Are you fascinated by all things shark? This camp will be filled to the gills with fun, fascinating science by introducing marine ecology and shark biology through hands-on labs and investigations. We’ll explore marine habitats and what dangers they hold…and face! Learn to appreciate the ocean’s most fearsome and feared finned predators. Conduct a mock tagging experiment, create shark art projects, Q/A with a marine scientist, and try a spiny dogfish shark dissection. Don’t  miss out on this shark-tastic week!

Week 5 August 7-11


Level 1: Dino Detectives 

When giants ruled the earth and leviathans patrolled the seas life on earth was very different! Unearth real fossils, solve prehistoric puzzles and even meet some living fossils! Use real field dig tools to excavate jaws and claws. Build Jurassic habitats, discover how fossils are formed, what life was like in the prehistoric world and hear some of the best dinosaur stories around.

Level 2: Dig This! 

Get the dirt on dirt and the scoop on all things underfoot. Find out about the hidden secrets of the underground. Dig up rocks and fossils and learn about ancient civilizations, and prehistoric life. Experiment with different kinds of clay to make the best cave art. Geology rocks and Dinosaurs roar in this time-traveling trip to the world underground. If you can’t wait to roll up your sleeves and get digging, this camp is for you!


Week 6 August 14-18


Level 1: It’s a Jungle out there! 

Where does it rain every day, chocolate trees grow, and lizards and snakes fly? In the rainforests of the world! Find out how all kinds of creatures live together; from frogs in treetops, slithering snakes, extra slimy slugs, shimmering butterflies, to plants that root in the air or trap their food! We’ll plant, craft, paint, snack, build and explore our way from the bottom of the forest to the highest canopy of tree tops!

Level 2: Junior Naturalist 

If you love nature, collecting rocks, animals and hikes, this off-site camp is for you! Bogs, lakes, swamps, trails-there are amazing habitats to explore right in Bangor’s backyard! Go on fun paddles and hikes to meet Maine’s wildlife, examine rocks, observe frogs, snack on your own foraged treats and enjoy the outdoors at Hirundo Wildlife preserve. Get muddy and wet and have fun exploring! This camp will be at Hirundo Wildlife Preserve.


Week 7 August 21-25



One camp (Level 1 and 2)


Safety goggles are a must in this crazy fun week of science labs and engineering challenges! Make and explore different kinds of gack, flubber, slime, and goo in oozy experiments. Invent and test your own potions and concoctions, and contraptions. Work like a scientist with droppers, measuring spoons, masks, and tubes but watch out for fizzy, bubbly, sticky explosions.

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