Maine Discovery Museum camps offer the perfect combination of play and learning. Fun and play and having time and space to be, well, kids, combined with special STEM labs and explorations and creative art and building activities: that’s what Maine Discovery Museum camps are all about!


• All museum staff will be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 prior to the start of camp;

• All camp attendees will be required to show proof of vaccination, and

• Well-fitting face masks must be worn by all campers and staff.



9 AM - 3:30 PM, Monday - Friday

Level I - Ages 5 - 7

Level II -  Ages 8 - 12

Drop-off & Pick-up

• Drop-off is between 8:30 AM - 9 AM

• Pick-up is between 3:30 PM - 4 PM


Non-member rate $350 per week

Members receive a 15% discount

($297.50 per week)


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A is for Animals 

Level 1: July 11th -15th

Do you love animals and nature? This camp is for you! Meet creatures from far-away places and our own backyards; be amazed at life in the wild places of Maine and the world!  Help us take care of some of them for a day. Touch and examine pelts, mounts, claws, bones, and teeth, and even scat! Make wild art, wild treats, and explore wildlife all around us. Find out what it’s like to have a mini zoo of not-so-cuddly animals and maybe make a few new animal friends.


Ruff Academy

Level 2: July 11th -15th

Calling all dog lovers! We are devoting an entire week to our amazing canine friends! Take a trip through the animal kingdom to learn about the different species related to dogs and explore various dog breeds. Discover doggy superpowers such as detecting diseases, search and rescue, therapy, police, and military service. But what about cats, America’s second favorite pet? So they don’t feel left out, we’ll take some detours to explore the feline part of the animal kingdom. We might even meet a dog or two.


B is for Boats

Level 1: July 18th-22nd

Go above and below the waves on skiffs, schooners, dinghies, and subs. Meet the animals and plants who live in the ocean, haul up shipwreck treasure, and be captain, sailor, water farmer, or even a pirate for a day. This camp will be like a day on deck and on the dock! How do fish breathe and clams eat? What makes huge freighters and small skiffs float? Build, examine, experiment and play. No sinking ships in this camp, just lots of wet, watery fun!


Wizard U

Level 2: July 18th-22nd

Put on your lab coat and wizard hat, join your house team and get ready for new adventures in herbology, care of mythical creatures, potions, defense against the dark arts, wand lore, and more! Explore physics and chemistry “magic.” Test your theories with experiments as you uncover cool science secrets, collect points for your house and get ready to pass your science owls.

C is for Colors

Level 1: July 25th - 29th

I see them here! I see them there! Colors are everywhere! Explore all the colors of the visible and invisible spectrum of light that makes our world so beautiful. Light up the room with science just like anglerfish and fireflies.  Have a red, yellow, green, and blue day!  Learn from plants, rocks, raindrops, fish scales, and even bugs about all the colors of the rainbow! Make colorful art and do fun experiments with leaves, pigments, dyes, and some of the most colorful art and science materials around.


Hirundo Eco-challenge: Into the Woods

Level 2: July 25th -29th 

Calling all budding naturalists: MDM summer camp goes off the beaten path and into the wild at Hirundo Wildlife refuge. Experience Maine’s amazing flora and fauna by foot and by boat. Explore ancient archeological sites. Forage for safe edible plants, solve outdoor challenges and learn woodcraft and basic canoeing skills. This week will focus on forest ecology but also include time on the river canoeing. 


D is for Dinos

Level 1: August 1st-5th 

When giants ruled the earth and leviathans patrolled the seas life on earth was very different! Unearth real fossils, solve prehistoric puzzles and even meet some living fossils! Find out how paleontologists, real fossil hunters, dig, examine and collect ancient traces of life. Use real field dig tools to excavate jaws and claws. Build Jurassic habitats, discover how fossils are formed, what life was like in the prehistoric world, and hear some of the best dinosaur stories around.


Secret Agent School

Level 2: August 1st-5th 

Could you be a secret agent on a special spy mission? Yes! All you need are decoders, recorders, spy mirrors, secret pouches, gadgets, motion detectors, and some amazing disguises (and maybe some snacks)! Practice your spy skills on a “laser beam” obstacle course and an encrypted scavenger hunt. Visit local agencies to learn about surveillance and investigations.  Make disguises and field supplies for a “Bond” kit, and use science and your wits at the secret agent school!

E is for Engineers

Level 1: August 8th-12th

Engineers, we have some problems here! Put your problem-solving skills to the test and see which solution works best. Use simple, safe, and fun stuff to build structures, toys, and other crazy contraptions. Help animals cross a busy highway by designing and testing a model nature bridge. Make a public park safe with your own rainwater runoff system. If you’re a tinkerer, inventor and builder, come bring your imagination and ingenuity; we’ll have the recyclables, tools, and some AA batteries for you! 


I Want my Mummy! 

Level 2: August 8th-12th

Have you ever wondered what life would be like in another place and time? Travel back in time to recreate the sights, tastes, technologies, buildings, and the art and inventions of ancient cultures! Experience the lifestyle of the rich and famous (and not so famous) ancient Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, and more! Learn to write hieroglyphs, concoct Egyptian perfumes, make a real “mummy” complete with a fancy sarcophagus, hammer “gold” jewelry, and lay siege with a Roman catapult. Join our team of ancient scribes, engineers, builders, and farmers on our whirlwind journey back in time!


F is for Flying

Level 1: August 15th-19th 

What do airplanes, clouds, kites, balloons, and birds have in common? They spend their time in the sky! What’s it like way up there in the air? Construct gliders and kites and send them soaring; discover the scientific secrets that help birds, bats, bugs and planes fly. Make your own pretend wings; find out how a hot air balloon goes up, build and test mini parachute people, paper rockets, and more. The sky’s the limit in this high flying camp for fearless aeronauts!



Level 1 & 2: August 22nd-26th 

Safety goggles are a must in this crazy fun week of science labs! Make and explore different kinds of gack, flubber, slime, and goo in oozy experiments. Invent and test your own potions and concoctions and contraptions. Work like a scientist with droppers, measuring spoons, flasks, and tubes but watch out for fizzy, bubbly, sticky explosions!