Maine Discovery Museum is the largest children’s museum in Maine and a premier center for children’s learning and discovery. Our interactive exhibits invite you to explore the worlds of science, nature, geography, children’s literature, music, art, and anatomy. What will you discover in MDM’s exhibits? See the MDM Map here.

Amazing Animals

We have some amazing friends at MDM. We can’t wait for you to meet them! From turtles to snakes, there’s a world of non-furry friends waiting to say “hi!”


Be an artist! Create, build, draw, and more with exhibits designed to bring out the Monet in us all. Design a Light-Bright display or build a towering sculpture from PVC pipes. Design your own creation in the Tinker Space!

Body Journey

Go inside your amazing body and discover how great your insides are! Navigate organs like your heart and intestine. Then, visit the doctor’s office and get to be the “Doc.”


Explore scenes from your favorite Maine children’s stories, like Goodnight Moon. Ride a motorcycle, put on a play, plant a garden, and explore the library.

Dino Dig

Dig up and identify fossils, read about dinosaurs, and discover fossil hunting in Maine. Based on paleontology, the study of prehistoric life, DINO DIG gives museum visitors a glimpse into the work of a paleontologist. What were dinosaurs like? What did they eat? What is a living fossil?


Big ideas come in small packages in NANO, an interactive exhibition that engages family audiences in nanoscale science, engineering, and technology.

Nature Trails

Explore Maine’s ecosystems and wildlife along a 20-foot waterway or inside a beaver lodge. Send a boat down a river and create hydropower. For a bird’s-eye view, climb to the top of a two-story treehouse, and discover live wetland creatures in Turtle Alley.

Sounds Abound

Explore the sounds around you through our Karaoke Studio or make up your own tune on the pipes. Direct an orchestra or listen to Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star in different musical styles. A musical world awaits!


Make connections from Maine all across the globe. Prepare a meal in an Italian kitchen, play the drums in Brazil, drive a truck, or captain a cargo ship to the destination of your dreams.

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