Bring your class to Maine Discovery Museum and explore three floors of interactive exhibits. Enjoy this fun, self-guided and hands-on experience with your students.  Book a program with your field trip for extra discoveries.


Field trips must be booked at least two weeks in advance.  


Museum staff will meet your bus at the group entrance and give your students an orientation to the museum. The remainder of your visit is a self-guided exploration of all three floors and seven exhibit areas.

Experience a program during your Field Trip:

All programs align with Common Core and NSSE standards. If you are interested in a custom program to fit your curriculum, don’t hesitate to contact us!



Outreach programs are great for classroom visits, summer reading programs in libraries, community events, and fairs, after-school and summer programs, scout assemblies, home school co-ops and more!

Outreach programs are available for booking Monday - Friday and some weekends.




Enhance your group’s visit to Maine Discovery Museum or let us bring discovery to you with one of our STEAM-based learning adventures. Our programs provide many opportunities for you to reinforce your curriculum in fun and rewarding ways. 

For more info & how to register contact our Director of Museum Services, Autumn Allen, Ph: (207) 262-7200 |

Group & Program Rates

Premium Workshops & Labs

Bubble Gum Science Grades 1-8 Children will explore edible polymer science, fundamental chemical principles, phases and states of matter with a series of increasingly complex experiments. The fascinating science of polymers and funny history of chewing gum come to life while children make their own batch of bubble gum.


No Place Like Home Grades K-6

Students will explore different biomes and habitats and how animals are adapted to survive in their niche. Then students will study different insects and observe live insects. Each student will build a mini habitat for a pet cricket (or Bess bug or darkling beetle) to take home.


Dinosaur Quest Grades K-6

Children will look at tools and clues that scientists use to understand Earth’s prehistoric past. Examining real fossils and top-grade replicas, comparing them to living organisms, learning about what Maine was like long ago, children will gain a better understanding of the world of the dinosaurs. Includes a mini fossil dig with crystals, shark teeth, and more to keep.


Scribble Bot Workshop Grades 2-6

This workshop encourages children to explore the possibilities and limitations of robots and A.I. We study different applications and uses for robots and each child will get to design and put together their own doodle bots with fun, simple materials. Sensory Science and Chemistry.

Sensory Science & Chemistry



Maine Sea Slime  Grades K-8

Slime is serious science…and fun! Children will explore the concept of molecules, self-assembly, polymers and the amazing properties and uses of slime in nature. We’ll find out how scientists extract edible slime from one of Maine’s sea organisms and will make a big batch of stringy, stretchy sea slime.


Scent-sational Science Grades K-8

While mixing and making their own perfumes and potions with Maine wildflowers, non-native plants and basic household chemicals students will explore olfactory perception, the sometimes weird, sometimes hilarious history of human hygiene and the principle of molecules and diffusion.


Magic Lemonade Lab Grades K-8 Children will explore fundamental chemical principles and investigate the mysterious changes that occur when following exact recipes to combine different tasty chemical substances, and, pending on seasonal availability, extracts from wild Maine plants. The science of acids and bases, pH indicators, solutions and suspensions come together in this tasty lab.  


Prehistoric Puzzle Grades K-6  

This program looks at everything from the tools to the clues that paleontologists use to piece together our understanding of the prehistoric past. What are fossils? How does a living organism become a fossil? What was Maine like 10000 or 10 million years ago? Examine and compare real fossils and fossil replicas of prehistoric plants and animals and compare them to organisms alive today.  


Animals & Nature


Leaping Lizards Grades K-6

Reptiles and amphibians are an important part of ecosystems all over the world. Students will explore adaptation, habitats, behavior, defenses, and conservation of several different types of reptilians with specimen and live reptiles.


Wild Wonders Grades K-6

With the help of museum specimen we’ll take a closer look at warm-blooded vertebrae like big cats, antelopes, deer, rodents, and primates: how are they adapted to their habitat? What food do they eat? Each student will make their own mini field guide with descriptions and pictures of the featured animals.


Creature Feature Grades K-8

Join us for a live animal presentation of one of MDM’s resident rescues. Often misunderstood but ecologically important creatures can be observed up close and some even handled. This is a slightly shorter program (30 min) and well suited for younger children.  

Chemistry, Physics, & Engineering


Exploding Diapers Grades 2-8

Hydrogels in action: children examine and explore the concepts of absorbance and retention with different materials and extract hydrogel powder from diapers. Consumer science and fundamental science concepts like cohesion and adhesion and the phases of matter come together in a lab loaded with fun!


Ice-Cold Science Grades 1-6

Students will explore the changing phases of dry ice and compare it to regular ice. Through fun demonstrations and simple experiments, they will observe sublimations, compression and rapid expansion of gasses and changes under different conditions.


Rocket Power Grades 1-6  

Rocket Power without the Boom! Using Sir Isaac Newton’s three laws of motion, students will explore the principals of practical rocketry. Each student will design, build and test a balloon-powered “rocket racer” to take home.


Shocking Science Grades K-8  

Students will experience jolts and volts and hair-raising, safe fun with one of the most amazing forces of our world: electricity! Static Electricity experiments will show attraction and repulsion between electrons and neutrons.     

Field Trips  

  • Minimum of 10 children to receive the group rate.

  • Group admission charge: $5.00/child. Teachers & chaperones pay no admission fees. (Regular admission: $9)

  • 1 chaperone required for every 5 children.

  • Requests to use our snack room for “brown bag” lunches must be made when you book your field trip. The Snack Room is available on a “first-booked, first-served basis.” The Snack Room has beverage and snack food vending machines.  

  • Discovery Gift Bags
    $2.50 value bags
    $3.50 value bags
    $5.00 value bags



Basic: $50/program & up to 20 kids  

Premium: $80/program & up to 20 kids


Outreach - bring MDM to you: 

$160 for 1 program

$300 for 2 programs

$420 for 3 programs

$500 for 4 programs

$800 for a one-day residency with as many programs as we can fit!


MILEAGE: 58 cents/mile outside Bangor city limits.