Let us bring discovery to you, or enhance your group’s visit to MDM with one of our STEAM-based learning adventures. With a variety of course options, we provide many opportunities for you to reinforce your curriculum in a fun and rewarding way.


Bubble Gum Workshop: Students will receive an introduction into chemistry, phases of matter or, for advanced grades, solutions and suspensions and polymers while making bubble gum. This fun, sticky workshop can include a segment on consumer science or dental hygiene. Grades 2-8, up to 20 children, need to be able to set up a hot plate and needs at least one additional adult helper.

Maine Sea Slime: Students will explore and experiment with a very slimy substance from Maine’s underwater world. They will find out how it’s farmed, harvested, and used in food and make their own batch of special sea slime to take home. Grades K-8, up to 20 children, wet activity!   

Exploding Diapers- Hydrogels in Action: Students observe and explore the concepts of absorbance and retention with different materials and extract hydrogel powder from diapers. They will observe cohesion and adhesion and explore Nanoscience and the phases of matter.  Grades 2-8, up to 25 children, wet activity!

Lotions, Potions and Scientific Notions: While making their own beauty products, students will explore the principle of molecules, sensory perceptions and, if appropriate, the history and importance of personal hygiene. In addition, students will learn about olfactory sensory perception and the structures and purposes of medicinal herbs and plants. Grades K-8, up to 25 children

Potato Power: Students will devise an experiment to determine what a potato is made of by titrating for starch in different foods and other products, filtering blended potatoes to extract starch, comparing fresh and wholesome potato products to processed potato products like chips. If appropriate, the lesson can end with a potato candy (Maine Needhams) making activity or potato seedling planting activity. Grades K-8, up to 20 children, wet activity!

Prehistoric Puzzle: This program looks at everything from the tools to the clues that paleontologists use to piece together our understanding of the prehistoric past. What are fossils? How does a living organism become a fossil? What was Maine like 10000 or 10 million years ago? Examine and compare real fossils and fossil replicas of prehistoric plants and animals and compare them to organisms alive today.  Grades K-6, up to 20 children; if the dig includes fossils for students to keep an additional materials fee of $2/child applies

Leaping Lizards: Reptiles and amphibians are an important part of ecosystems all over the world. Students will explore adaptation, habitats, behavior, defenses, and conservation of several different types of reptilians with specimen and live reptiles.  Grades K-6, up to 25 children

Ice-cold Science: Students will explore the changing phases of dry ice and compare it to regular ice. Through fun demonstrations and simple experiments, they will observe sublimations, compression and rapid expansion of gasses and changes under different conditions. Grades 1-6, up to 20 children, wet activity!

Rocket Power without the Boom! Using Sir Isaac Newton’s three laws of motion, students will explore the principals of practical rocketry with different models of simple rocket types. Each student will design, build and test a balloon-powered “rocket racer” to take home. Grades 1-6, up to 25 children


Outreach programs are available for booking Monday – Fridays and some weekends.


$160 for 1 program

$300 for 2 programs

$420 for 3 programs

$500 for 4 programs

$800 for a mini-two day residency

Programs last roughly 45 minutes unless otherwise noted.

Must be booked at least 2 weeks in advance. Standard mileage fees apply to locations beyond Bangor City limits.

All programs aligned to Common Core and NSSE standards.

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