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  • Ages 5 - 12

  • Vacation Camp is $75 per day

  • Museum members automatically receive a 15% discount; please sign in before registering.

  • Parents / legal guardians, please register your camper(s) as attendees. Each camper needs a legal guardian attached to their account.

  • Medical & Permission Forms and proof of COVID-19 vaccination are required to attend camp.

  • Drop off is between 8:30 AM - 9 AM

  • Pick-up is between 3:30 PM - 4 PM


April camp


Maine Discovery Museum camps offer the perfect combination of play and learning. Fun and play and having time and space to be, well, kids, combined with special STEM labs and explorations and creative art and building activities: that’s what Maine Discovery Museum camps are all about!

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Monday, April 17: The Great MDM Heist

You and your team of fellow superheroes will outsmart the mysterious villains who hid the great museum treasure with your superhero powers of hearing, strength, and invisibility! Invent your own secret identity complete with costume and name! A mix of cool science experiments and great live-action challenges will make this day super unforgettable!


Tuesday, April 18: A Day Underground

Spelunking, prospecting, excavating; a world of treasures, mysteries, and discoveries await underground and underfoot. What can you find inside and under the soil, inside rocks, or even in the Earth’s mantle? Join us for a day about geodes, volcanoes, fossils, caves, underground dwelling creatures, and organisms. Learn to read the clues of the world beneath your feet.


Wednesday, April 19: Artful Animals

Nature provides the models for our art explorations. Gyotaku-the ancient art of Japanese Fish printing, glittery-golden beetle wings, wild fur patterns, and delicate feathers all come together as we paint, draw, and sculpt amazing masterpieces of animal art!

Thursday, April 20:  Egg-cellent Adventures

This day is for the birds, frogs, snakes, and much more! Bring your binoculars to spot the first bird’s nest around town. Find out about eggs from all sorts of critters and learn how to use eggs to create amazing art. Discover birds and see for yourself what can spring from something as amazing—and yummy—as an egg!


Friday, April 21: Mighty Magnets & Motors!

What makes a motor move and a magnet stick? Make magnets float, stick and pull. Play with lots of gizmos and gadgets to find out what makes them go. Use wire, batteries, and anything else you can find in our recycling treasure boxes to build little inventions, make robot art, and magnets puzzles, and solve challenging, fun engineering problems with your ingenuity and AAA batteries.

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