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MLK Jr. Day: Youth and Nonviolence Workshops

Information for 2018 Youth and Nonviolence Workshops coming soon, check out 2017’s schedule below.

Monday, January 16, 2017
1:00 to 4:00 pm
Maine Discovery Museum, 74 Main St, Bangor

The day will feature workshops by and for young people, ages children to young adults, on topics such as bullying, speaking respectfully, responding to sexual, dating, racial, ethnic, & LBGTQ violence, climate justice & militarism.


  • 1:00 pm – Opening session, Penobscot Job Corps. 30 min, Baseball Diamond Room, 1st floor.
  • 1:30 to 3:30 pm – Workshop sessions:
    • Sexual Assault/Healthy Relationships – The Women’s Interest Group from Bangor High School, Spruce Run-WomanCare Alliance, and Rape Response Services. We will discuss how to identify an unhealthy relationship and the spectrum of abuse using interactive activities. We will also cover consent and sexual abuse through a presentation. 2 hours, Baseball Diamond Room, 1st floor.
    • Peer Support – Youth MOVE Maine. The Youth Peer-to-Peer Model uses an approach to connection that removes bias and judgement to allow for open discussion from multiple angles and viewpoints. 2 sessions, 1 hour each, Main Street Gallery, 1st floor.
    • Young Children’s Activities – Youth MOVE Maine. There will be short activities, including stress balls, snow globes, and a couple of art projects! Briar Patch Bookstore staff will read some stories. 2 hours, Art Studio, 3rd floor.
    • Homelessness – Marquis Murray, a student at Penobscot Job Corps. Marquis will share his experience of 2 years being homeless outside of Boston MA. He will share the difficulties and challenges, and how to avoid temptations that young people face while being homeless, 30 min, Birthday Party Room A, 2nd Floor.
    • Climate Justice & Anti-Militarism – Pine Tree Youth Organizing & Maine Students for Climate Justice. Historically speaking, environmental degradation and warfare have gone hand in hand; however, many overlook the ties between militarism/violence and human driven climate change. In this workshop, we will examine the causes of climate change with a scope of its relation to militarism and warfare, as well as the ways in which militarism perpetuates climate change and vice versa. 1.5 hours, Birthday Party Room A, 2nd Floor.
    • Intersection of Violence – Members of the LGBTQ+ community & Health Equity Alliance. This workshop will delve into Islamophobia and the Black Lives Matter movement, and discuss how they are interconnected. We will go in depth about sexual orientation and gender, discuss partner violence stereotypes, and how people of all genders are affected by domestic abuse. We will introduce ableism, and uncover truths about fighting for justice regarding autism and the deaf community. You shall leave this workshop with a solid understanding of racial justice, personal gender pronouns, gender and sexuality, the health barriers faced by people in the Queer community, and ableism. 2 hours, Birthday Party Room B, 2nd floor.
    • Hangout Room & Interactive Art – Artists Andrea Simoneau & Carmine Leighton. A place to just hang out by yourself or others, with the opportunity to participate in an art project. Throughout the afternoon, Snack Room, 2nd Floor.
  • 3:30 pm – Closing session. Peace & Justice Center. 30 min, Baseball Diamond Room, 1st floor.

Sponsored by: All Our Relations Thriving, Bangor High School Women’s Interest Group, Bangor Racial & Economic Justice Coalition, Health Equity Alliance, Maine Discovery Museum, Maine Students for Climate Justice, Pax Christi Maine, Peace & Justice Center of Eastern Maine, Penobscot Job Corps, Pine Tree Youth Organizing, Rape Response Services, Resources for Organizing & Social Change, Spruce Run-Womancare Alliance, & Youth MOVE Maine.

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