Welcome to Vine Street Fun in the Sun – Home Edition! This program will offer students a variety of hands-on enrichment activities, lots of physical activity, and reading and math activities to help curb summer learning loss. This program offers a great mix of learning and fun that your child won’t want to miss!


How it Works

Students will receive a box of STEAM camp supplies to do labs, investigations, build, engineer, and play for each week they are enrolled. They will use Google Classroom and Zoom to connect with counselors, teachers, other campers, and the activity materials.

  • STEAM Enrichment – fun activity prompts and video lessons will be available to support the science explorations. Children can do the activities and labs at their own pace each day and document them in their journals. Exciting discoveries, strange lab results, fun surprises, and mind-boggling mysteries can be shared in the Buddy Group and science problems solved together. Each week will have a different focus and all-new activities!
  • Buddy Groups – Each camper will be assigned to a Buddy Group led by one of our camp counselors! Buddy Groups meet on Zoom for about an hour each day to check-in, say “Hi” to their friends, share exciting science discoveries and amazing creations, and read together.
  • 1-on-1 Math or Language Arts Tutoring – Each camper will have an opportunity for a one-on-one with a teacher on Zoom to do math and language arts activities that will help keep them on track for the start of school in the fall. On days children don’t have tutoring appointments, they can complete fun math and language arts challenges and games independently from Google Classroom. Camp counselors are available for additional 1-on-1 support via Zoom if needed.
  • Reading – Children will get a reading “passport” to track their reading minutes each day, and enter to win prizes at the end of camp. About 20 minutes of reading with your Buddy Group and 20 minutes independently each day will be encouraged

Summer Science Camp in a Box with Maine Discovery Museum

Each Monday, get a different age and grade-appropriate big box or bag full of amazing STEAM discoveries! Everything your child needs learning and having fun. Cool experiments, amazing labs, and materials for inventing, making art, learning, and creating with some treasures and prizes just for fun!

Kits and activities will have extra ideas, resources, worksheets for reading, math, and more explorations. Virtual support with live and pre-recorded demonstrations, animal times from the museum, and chats with your teachers will also be available.

What fun activities will you unbox?

  • The Science of Superheroes, Spy Science,
  • Color Chemistry Lab, The Secrets of Slime,
  • Magic Science Tricks, Magical Beasties, and Worlds,
  • Science Goes Zoom-Kaboom!
  • Amazing Nature Mysteries, and so much more!


Only for students attending Vine Street School in Fall 2020! Space is limited! Spots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please enroll NOW!

*Students are signed up for a week at a time. Due to the nature of this program, we expect your child to be engaged and participating each day.  If your child is absent from online communication with staff two or more days in a single week without reasonable cause, their spot will be filled by a child from the waiting list for the remainder of the program.

Fee: There is no fee, but donations are encouraged.

Eligibility: This program is open to all children attending Vine Street School during the 2020-2021 academic year.

Camp Locations: This program is conducted remotely. Students will connect online from their own homes.

Camp Hours: Buddy Groups meet daily 9 – 10 am. Tutoring appointments will be scheduled individually and repeat at the same time each week. The rest of the work is done on your own time. We expect campers to spend about three hours engaged in camp each day with a combination of Zoom meetings and independent work.

Lunch: We encourage families to access meal sites throughout the city. For your convenience, meal site information is attached.

BehaviorCampers are expected to conduct themselves appropriately. If something is not okay at school, it is not okay in camp Zoom meetings. Specifically, campers should:

  • Be properly dressed
  • Sit upright and pay attention
  • Leave distractions out of reach
  • Use appropriate language
  • Make sure that decorations, objects, and people in their space are all school-appropriate
  • Show kindness and respect at all times
  • Follow directions and requests from staff

Students who fail to adhere to our behavior standards may be removed from the program. Staff can mute or remove a camper from a Zoom meeting at any time without warning to block inappropriate content from other campers.

Please read, sign, and return this AUTHORIZATION FORM after completing the online registration. Forms can be emailed to aallen@mainediscoverymuseum.org. Please let us know if we can assist you in completing this step.

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