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Year after year, our Summer Day Camps are a huge hit with kids and parents alike. We offer a safe, caring and FUN environment with a wide variety of weekly themes. Come for one week or the entire summer!


Week 1: June 24th – 28th – Downtown Days
Summer Camp by the Day or Week
Grab your all-access pass to downtown Bangor.  Each day features a new spot to discover and new activities with a community focus.

Week 2: July 1st – 5th

Level 1: Mad Invention Lab – What makes all those gears, gadgets and gizmos go? What turns water into goo and glue into gack? Invent and test your own concoctions. Create contraptions with cranks, pulleys, and knobs. Take apart, and put together toys and trinkets and find out how to make things spin, stop, light-up and more. Play like a scientist with droppers, measuring spoons, flasks, and tubes but watch out for fizzy, bubbly, sticky explosions! Safety goggles are a must in this crazy week of science labs.

Level 2: Go ahead…Make my day! – Calling all fearless tinkerers and thinkers, makers and breakers! Explore and create useless and useful machines, and beautiful contraptions with pendulums, pulleys and spring loaded parts. Take Apart, and put together motors and machines and find out how to make things stop, go, light up and more. But why stop there? Does pop rock candy mixed with soda really explode? Can things really levitate? Could humans be invisible? Jolts and volts, circuits and wires, potions and (safe) explosions: imagination meets invention when science makes the day!

Week 3: July 8th – 12th

Level 1: Little Blue Planet – What makes our planet so special? How was it shaped and how is it changing? What other planets are out there in space? Go on an imaginative space science adventure from our home planet into the solar system and beyond: explore the red rocks of Mars and the icy moons of Jupiter. Blast off rockets, pack space telescopes and pretend to run the space station. Discover the stories of the stars, imagine and build alien planets and populate them with strange life forms. Be a stargazer, astronaut, and engineer in this inner space and outer space adventure!

Level 2: Mars or Bust! – Earth, this little blue planet floating in space is very special: it’s the only homeworld in the universe that supports life…or is it? Explore the big forces that have created and keep shaping our world and how humans are changing this planet even faster. Venture out into our solar system, to exoplanets, galaxies and beyond. Ever wonder what could survive on alien worlds and what it would take to get us there? Test space suits for impact, find out what cosmic catastrophe creates giant craters, design and invent survival gear, rovers, and rockets for Mars and beyond.

Week 4: July 15th – 19th

Level 1: Dino Detectives – When giants ruled the earth and leviathans patrolled the seas, life on earth was very different! Unearth real fossils, solve prehistoric puzzles and even meet some living fossils! Find out how paleontologists, real fossil hunters, dig, examine and collect ancient traces of life. Use real field dig tools to excavate jaws and claws. Build Jurassic habitats, discover how fossils are formed, what life was like in the prehistoric world and hear some of the best dinosaur stories around.

Level 2: Island Explorers Travel Camp – Do you love hiking to explore tidal pools, bioluminescent algae, fireflies, wetland flowers, horseshoe crabs, and nature trails? The outdoors will be our classroom as we divide our time between the Museum and some of the most interesting nearby coastal ecosystems and sites of the region. Camp ends with a Thursday to Friday sleepover at the Holbrook Island Sanctuary in Penobscot Bay, a short boat ride from Castine.

Week 5: July 22nd – 26th

Level 1: Hungry, Hungry Scientists – STEAM up a pot full of summer camp fun! Candy and Chemistry come together as you observe sugar crystal formation. Discover the secret of unicorn noodles and how to use cabbage chemistry to make art. Plant a special garden for future snacking, find out what makes corn explode into popcorn, explore the science behind everyone’s favorite wobbly desert and what chemical reaction turns milk into cheese. Join us for a camp chock-full of delicious and amazing science…Yum!

Level 2: Science Stew – Get your mixing bowls and measuring cups ready for STEAM-y creations! Candy and gemology come together in sugar crystal formation. Use veggie chemistry to make colorful unicorn noodles, thermal physics to explode tiny corn kernels, polymer science to concoct wobbly desserts, solar power to bake a sweet treat and chemical reaction that turns milk good… or bad! Discover the science of cooking, baking, candy making, and gardening. Make your taste buds go crazy with science!

Week 6: July 29th – August 2nd

Level 1: Wee Beastie Hunters – They’re scaly, feathery, slinky and fierce, they’re everyone’s favorite creatures! Explore the world of real and unreal fairy tale critters like dragons, unicorns, and mermaids. Examine fossils, bones, fur, shells, fangs, and claws to get to the bottom of nature’s most mysterious monsters. Meet real-life mythical beasts and hear their stories. Make your own unicorn caves, Pegasus wings, build hideaways for tiny woodland fairies, little goblins houses, hunt for dragon eggs and phoenix feathers and work together to round up some amazing beasties.

Level 2: Fantastic Beasts and Magical Worlds – Calling all aspiring magizoologists! A quest for some of nature’s most mythical creatures both real and unreal. Go on expeditions in stuffy university basements, on secret river islands and shady bog trails. Examine the museum’s secret collections to track down the real science and origins of legendary creatures like manticores and basilisks, unicorns and dragons, nifflers and newts. But don’t worry, you’ll go through basic wizarding training like the science of magic, potion making, wand lore, and Patronus practice to prepare for this quest. You’ll need ALL your training and quite a bit of real science when your house will compete in a final beastie hunt.

Week 7: August 5th – 9th

Level 1: Rainbow Days – I see them here! I see them there! Color and lights are everywhere! Explore all the colors of the visible and invisible spectrum of light that makes our world colorful. Light up the room with science just like angler fish and fireflies. Have a red, yellow, green and blue day! Learn from plants, rocks, raindrops, fish scales and even bugs about all the colors of the rainbow! Make colorful art and do fun experiments with leaves, pigments, dyes and some of the most colorful materials around.

Level 2: Community Builders Lego Camp – Learn real-life skills while playing! Short downtown walks and visits will show what makes up a community. Children will work in small groups to build, and by the end of the week, they have created their own entire LEGO community. They will also get to play in and explore the museum. Each child will spend a little time (with help if needed) journaling and adding in photos of what they have created.

Week 8: August 10th – 16th

Level 1: Pirates of the Penobscot – A pirate’s life is full of adventures! Come on a journey down the mighty Penobscot all the way to the sea: dress up, learn sea skills like knots, flag alphabets, and reading maps, snack on hard tack and ship lemonade for a fun-filled week of nautical discoveries! Make mini boats and ships like river canoes and mighty barges and try to keep them afloat. Meet some of the animals that call the Penobscot home. You might even meet a real Pirate in this wet, watery, fun river cruise camp!

Level 2: Protectors of the Penobscot – The mighty Penobscot and mellow Kenduskeag tell stories of the past and future.  They need YOU to listen and share their stories to help protect these amazing places! Follow clues in the rocks and mud upriver along the river banks, discover Bangor’s own trails and wetlands and meet some of the amazing people who work on preserving our wonderful watery places. Go on fun hikes and do amazing field labs, observe animals, collect rocks and maybe even a fossil or two. We’ll divide our time between Bangor’s own trails and neighborhood wetlands, and the museum.


Week 9: August 19-23 – Downtown Days
Summer Camp by the Day or Week
Grab your all-access pass to downtown Bangor.  Each day features a new spot to discover and new activities with a community focus.


A $50 deposit (per child, per camp) is required at the time of registration. Full payment for camp is due one month prior to the start of camp. Give us a call and pay in full by May 1, 2019, and receive a 10% discount. Discount does not apply to online registrations. Spots will not be held without a paid deposit. Please review descriptions of camps before calling to register. Some financial aid is available. Please call us at (207) 262-7200 for more information.

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