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Our camp scheduled has been delayed due to COVID-19. We are hopeful to open for camp on July 13th. We added a couple extra weeks in August to make up for delaying camp discoveries. Space is limited so please contact Autumn Allen, [email protected], ASAP if you want to register.

Year after year, our Summer Day Camps are a huge hit with kids and parents alike. We offer a safe, caring and FUN environment with a wide variety of weekly themes. Come for one week or the entire summer!

Week 1: July 13-17

Level 1: Cardboard Crew

Build, shape, and create all kinds of cardboard and paper recyclables. Work together as a team to build a box city, fairy forest, cardboard castle or marble maze. Invent your own paper mȃché play dough, play and create with different cardboard and paper recyclables and make your imagination come to life. 

Full Day: $225 Members/$250 Non-members 


Level 2: Crazy for Cardboard!

Think outside the box! Bend, cut, color, twist, tape and shape and make your imagination and inventions come to life. Explore the science and history of this amazing material as you examine paper wasp nests and make your own plant fiber papers. Find out how your community recycles and reuses and what you can do to help. If you are a tinkerer, thinker and inventor create with this incredibly strong, shapeable, sustainable recyclable: A kid-size space shuttle, room-size marble run, whole suit of armor, or even a whole box city, what will you create with cardboard?

$225 Members/$250 Non-members 


Week 2: July 20-24

Level 1: Mini Wizards

Calling all mini wizards in training! Uncover the science magic of magnets, molecules, static electricity, suction, (safe) explosions and bubbles! Try out easy, fun, messy and amazing experiments and tricks. Wave your wand, meet mythical creatures, make potions, get bamboozled by real invisibility cloaks, and make rainbows in a bottle, scared pepper, moon sand and more. Make a “magic box” full of experiments to dazzle your family and friends.

Full Day: $225 Members/$250 Non-members 


Level 2: Wizard Academy

Join our own Houses for another semester at the Wizard Academy: Put on your lab coat and wizard hat, join your team and get ready for new adventures in herbology, care of mythical creatures, potions, defense against the dark arts, wand lore and more! Explore physics and chemistry “magic.” Test your theories with experiments as you uncover cool science secrets, collect points for your house and get ready to pass your science OWLs.

$225 Members/$250 Non-members 


Week 3: July 27-31

Level 1: Superhero Science

What makes Spiderman’s web so strong? Can Batgirl really see in the dark? How about x-ray vision and invisibility cloaks? Uncover the science behind amazing superpowers and how some animals already have them! Create your own secret hero identity with a costume and name! End the week with a Superhero Summit and action challenge. It’s a super week of science and imagination!

Full Day: $225 Members/$250 Non-members 


Level 2: Secret Agent School

Think you got what it takes to be a spy?   Join us for a semester at the Secret Agent School with super-secret projects and activities. Practice your secret agent skills in a “laser beam” obstacle course and an encrypted scavenger hunt. Visit local agencies to learn about surveillance and investigations. Make disguises and field supplies for your spy kit in fun-filled days at the Secret Agent School. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is… to have fun!

$225 Members/$250 Non-members 


Week 4: August 3-7

Level 1: Dig This!

Get the dirt on dirt and the scoop on all things underfoot. Find out about the secrets underground: worms, ants, plants, roots and even fossils and rocks. Start your own wormery, plant your own mini garden, dig up rocks and fossils and learn about ancient creatures and dinosaurs. Mashup different kinds of clay to find out, what kind of dirt makes the best art. If you can’t wait to roll up your sleeves and get digging, this camp is for you!

Full Day: $225 Members/$250 Non-members 


Level 2: Eco-Challenge 1:  Our River to the Sea 

Do you love exploring tidal pools, amphibians, fossils and minerals, tidal pools, wetland flowers, horseshoe crabs, and nature hikes?  The outdoors will be our classroom as we divide our time between the Museum and some of the most interesting ecosystems and geological sites of the region. 

*Note: On field trip days we will go on easy to moderate trail hikes of up to 2 miles/day. A weather dependent itinerary and additional information will be available on the Friday before camp.

$238.50 Members/$265 Non-members 


Week 5: August 10-14

Level 1: Wonder Lab

Put on your safety goggles, lab coats, spark your curiosity and get ready for slimy explosions, spinning colors, blooming liquids and colorful crystals. Explore why matter matters when you paint, what light has to do with color, how gravity works when you sculpt, how motion is a must and where chemistry and creativity come together in camp Wonder Lab!

Full Day: $225 Members/$250 Non-members 


Level 2: Eco-Challenge 2: Habitats Heroes

Summer in the city is an outdoor nature adventure! Discover bogs, swamps, trails, rivers and marshes all in Bangor’s own backyard. Collect minerals, snack on wild carrots and observe wildlife. Meet the people protecting our wild places and learn to be a responsible naturalist. We’ll divide our time between Bangor’s own trails and neighborhood wetlands, and the museum. Get ready to hike, wade and climb and get wet and muddy and feel at home in Bangor’s great outdoors!

*Note: We will go on easy to moderate hikes on Bangor area nature trails of up to 2 miles/day. A weather dependent itinerary and additional information will be available on the Friday before camp.

$238.50 Members/$265 Non-members 


Week 6: August 17-21

Level 1: Trains, Planes, and Automobiles! 

Vroom, vroom, zoom! It’s all about things that zip, roll, flip, glide, sail and drive. Discover awesome laws of physics through hands-on building challenges and fun science experiments. Experience the forces that drive the great inventions of transportation. Build your own wonky vehicles, paddle and balloon-powered boats, soaring gliders and spinning copters. Imagine yourself as a train conductor, pilot, and captain while ending the week with the great race challenge! 

Full Day: $225 Members/$250 Non-members 


Level 2: Kid Powered!

Kids make things go!  This camp is all about inventing, testing, and building movables: Race toy cars across shaky bridges, launch gliders, and blast off flyers! Make and test mini instruments of gravity-defying powers: confetti launchers, candy catapults, stomp rockets, and balloon jets! Test Newton’s laws to the limits as you explore kid-powered physics! 

$225 Members/$250 Non-members 


Week 7: August 24-28

Level 1: All Play All Day!

Do you love playing and inventing games with puppets, props, and toys, and act out your own stories? We will make everything we need to play our games: boards and pieces, props, toys, cards, and even dice! We’ll try out indoor and outdoor games from different cultures and times and work and play together as teams and in small groups. It’s all play all day for all campers this week!

Full Day: $225 Members/$250 Non-members 


Level 2: Arcade Days!

Explore the world of games and games of the world from old-timey penny arcades to Minecraft. Sharpen your decision-making strategies, hone your social skills and negotiating abilities as you battle it out against other players and teams. Develop your own characters and backstories, invent and test rules, design and create cards, tokens, boards, and artwork. Meet game professionals to find out how different games are designed and built. Then work together to build a whole recyclo-arcade for a fun final day challenge for the whole museum!

$225 Members/$250 Non-members 


Week 8: August 31-September 4

Downtown Days

Grab your all-access pass to downtown Bangor.  Each day features a new spot to discover and new activities with a community focus.

Full Week: $225 Members/$250 Non-members


A $50 deposit (per child, per camp) is required at the time of registration. Full payment for camp is due one month prior to the start of camp. Spots will not be held without a paid deposit. Please review descriptions of camps before calling to register. Some financial aid is available. Please call us at (207) 262-7200 for more information.

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