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Older Infants (8 to 18 months old)

Here are some examples of the types of things you can do to talk with your older infant to help promote language development:
  • Talk to your baby during routines, describing what you are doing. For example, during bath time describe the water and how it feels, talk about why and how you are cleaning your baby.
  • Read wordless picture books with your child, these are an open ended reading experience; since there are no words you can make up a story based on the illustrations or simply describe and talk about the illustrations.
  • Talk about shapes. Gather several of your baby’s toys that have defined shapes like a ball, block, teething ring, etc. Feel the objects with your baby and talk about what the shape is, what it feels like, and what makes it that shape.
  • When grocery shopping describe what you are seeing to your baby. Let the baby feel produce, describe the shape and color. 
  • In this age span babies will begin to point at things with their fingers. Track what they are pointing at and describe things to them.
  • Start using hand-play with nursery rhymes, like “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” in this age range babies begin to copy sounds and gestures from others.
  • When your baby wants a toy which is out of reach, instead of just handing the toy to him or her, watch and see how your baby tries to communicate with you. Does she start to fuss? Does she grab at you? Does she point at the object? After your baby communicates that she needs your help to get the toy, describe the interaction. For example, “Is this what you want? Are you trying to reach this soft blue bear?”