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Nano Days 2015

The hunt for Nano in Maine begins at Maine Discovery Museum!
Saturday, March 28, 2015 1-4pm & Sunday, March 29, 2015 1-4pm

Join Maine Discovery Museum for  2 afternoons of hands-on Nano science fun!

Welcome to Nano Days, a nationwide event celebrating nano scale science and engineering. Nano science is the science of the tiniest things—so small you cannot see nano, but you can smell, taste, touch, hear, and even wear nano!
Download our NanoDays brochure.

This year we'll feature:
Electroplate Coins                                 Real Invisibility demo
Play with Memory Metal                        You-in Nano meters!      
Watch Capillary Action                          Self Assembling Slime Balls
Make Molecular Art                                Win prizes in Nano “I Spy”
Move Ferrofluid                                    Put on the Electric Squeeze
Create Iridescence                                Play the Power of 10 game
Ooblec                                                 Check out Nano Plants and Nano Pants

Nano Days was based on work supported by NISE  net and the National  Science Foundation under Award Nos. 05322536 and 0940143.

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