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Nature Trails

Maine's remarkable ecosystems are open for exploration in Nature Trails on our first floor!

Follow the Turtle Alley past live turtles and fish and open drawers to see turtles of the past and present.  Climb atop our enormous turtle for a ride!

For a bird's eye view, climb to the top of a two-story tree house and sneak a peek at our friends on the second floor.
(Don't worry, caregivers- the only exit is on the first floor.)

Catch fish in a stream and explore a beaver lodge guarded by life sized beavers or venture past a display of animal skeletons.

Send a boat down a raging 20-foot river. Change the river's course or create hydro-power using pumps and water.  Be sure to take advantage of our rain gear!

The Maine Discovery Museum is loaded with kids' activities! Looking for things to do with children? The Maine Discovery Museum is a great place to find things to do with kids of all ages!