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Dominic Noe

"Communing with Nature"

“Movement and connection with nature let us discover the beauty that we live in.”
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Penny Oliphant

"Pittsfield Train Depot"

“The train depot in Pittsfield is a reminder that a completely different perspective of Maine can be discovered along its railway lines.” Read More

Elizabeth Ostrander

"Mermaid with Red Fish"

“Mermaids hold a special place in our imaginations. Free, beautiful, and creative, mermaids inhabiting both the land and the sea become symbols for integrated intelligence (land) and feelings (water).  Comfortable and knowledgeable in many worlds yet unified within herself, the Mermaid has a blissful heart and remains constantly enchanted by life.  What better representative of the Discovery Museum than a Mermaid along with her sidekick, the Red Fish….” Read More

Debbie Palmer

"The Allagash Wilderness Waterway"

“One can discover many things along the Allagash Wilderness Waterway, as shown in the small paintings of highlights along the route.” Read More

George Partal

"Flowers in the Wind"

“In every piece of wood from the beautiful forests of Maine lies a hidden, pleasant form waiting to be discovered.”
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Nancy Peasley

"Discover Maine"

“From the Eastern coastline, speckled with lighthouses, to the Western mountain ranges and everywhere in between, the beauty of Maine is captured in all creatures great and small.”
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Pam Peltier

"The Discovery of the Maine Birds"

“When I moved from Colorado to Maine in 2000, I discovered that there are many colorful and interesting birds in Maine.  I enjoy tremendously watching the array of captivating birds flocking around the birdfeeder in our back yard.  I find the black-capped chickadees quite friendly and tame while observing me putting seeds in the feeder.  What an exciting feeling, indeed, when one landed on my hand a few times!” 
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Kathleen Perelka

"Lake George Water Lily"

“Anyone who travels to Maine eventually ends up swimming in a lake or pond (I hope!!).  One of my favorite discoveries is swimming in Lake George, where this painting is based, with my nose two inches above the water.  The scent of water lilies drifts across the surface of the water and just hovers there.  These beautiful flowers open in the daylight and close at night for almost 2 months.  What an incredible discovery!   Monet’s Giverny water lilies, beautiful as they may be, have little scent compared to the wild ones in Maine!”  Read More

Karen Pettengill

"Fly Away"

“This painting was inspired by a robin’s nest that I discovered one day on the sill outside a second-story window of the gallery I manage in Freeport.  Like voyeurs, we watched every day as the robins tried valiantly to raise a family in a totally unsuitable place.  The only thing separating us was a pane of glass.  I covered the glass with cardboard, hoping to keep the distressed birds from deserting the nest, but our commotion proved to be too much.  The four exquisite eggs they had laid disappeared one by one over the early summer months, along with the promise of new baby robins, but the sturdy nest survived through winter.  The following spring the robins were back to try again….” Read More

Chick Rauch

"The Maine Discoverer"

“When using the standard statistics such as area, population, per-capita income, etc., Maine does not compare with other states particularly well.  However, if some of the special features of Maine’s natural resources and accomplishments are examined, it becomes a very special State indeed!  The Maine Discoverer is on track to locate and examine some of these unique qualities.”
(This piece consists of a platform showing a map of the State of Maine, with small wood carvings of the State House and 41 other objects representing unique aspects of Maine; The Maine Discoverer, a train that runs around the state passing ten stops for viewing the wood carvings; a clear pine coffee table with room on the glass top for display or under the top for storage or display; and a hardbound book of 109 pages with two pages devoted to each city stop and to each of the unique characteristics represented by the wood carvings.  The platform and wood carvings and the book were designed, constructed, and donated by Chick Rauch, and the coffee table was designed, constructed, and donated by Scott Nickerson.)

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Rebecca Rivers


“It is my goal to capture the delight and serenity that I feel as I journey through this magnificent universe … to express the beauty within each split second of time.” Read More

Suzanne Roberts

"Hanging Out"

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Linda Rowell-Kelley

"Wooded Playground"

“Two Boston terriers, Oliver and Henry, with Maine pines and firs in a sea of wildflowers and lupines.” Read More

Olga Russell

"On the Way to Bar Harbor"

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Terri Sanzenbacher

"Ocean Dream"

“As an artist living and working in Maine for the past forty years, I often look to the Maine coast for inspiration, using the intense chroma of oils to interpret its endless natural beauty.  When I think of the joy I have received from Discovering Maine over and over again, it is because the rockbound coast truly is one of the most spectacular regions in the entire world!” Read More
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